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au telephone

Free discovery call: 30 minutes


Virtual Coffee $100

  • 1 hour Skype Call
  • All your questions answered about expatriation, your moving overseas project or your business project
  • Personal advice
le package

1:1 Coaching


Workbook of how to create a business online

This guide will give you the basics you need to build your business online. Hours of work are compiled in this guide to make your life easier.

ana-salido-online programme

Women Group Coaching

A small and intimate group of women who want to get the support they need to change their lives and/or to create their own business. Once we start helping each other we are more powerful as women. Throughout these three months, you will receive a video for each session, a workbook, my dedicated ongoing support and access to our empowered women community where you will be able to share your personal experience, doubts, fears and achievements. We will talk about the importance of balancing our female and male energies, negative self-talk, impostor syndrome and the importance of practicing self-care.

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expat programme

How to live your life on your own terms:
10 weeks program

Expatriation is an adventure as amazing as it is challenging. In this 10-week program, we will work together so that you can fully enjoy what this adventure has to offer.

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