Hello Universal Being,

And welcome to my website.

I have the feeling that if you have arrived here it is not by chance … It is surely because you are ready to:

  • create change in your life;
  • to succeed in your expatriation project; and or
  • to develop yourself.

What you are doing right now is the first step towards this journey that leads to the changes required to live the life you desire. Being accompanied and supported is not a mark of weakness but rather of courage.

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A few words about me:

I am a Life Coach and Psychologist. I have been living in Brisbane, Australia for more than three years now.

I sincerely believe that expatriation is an amazing adventure which deserves to be lived at least once in a lifetime.

Expatriation has allowed me to spread my wings, to become the best version of myself but especially to live my life on my own terms.

Expatriation is like having the chance to live a second life in which we can achieve all that we desire deep within ourselves. Expatriation offers us a blank page on which we can create a new story, one that corresponds to who we truly are. Far from our families, our friends
and the society in which we grew up, it is easier to find our identity and what we really want from life, to reinvent ourselves and to then become the best version of ourselves.

It is for these many reasons that I decided to create Expat Infinity. Expat Infinity is not only for expats or future expats, it is for all of you who want to live your lives without worrying about what others think, it is for people who have dreams and want to reach them, but it is also.

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